Dress Like That Dude

Our Private Man Icons

Dress Like Bob from Twin Peaks

Bob (Frank Silva) is an elusive character in David Lynch’s 1990-91 series Twin Peaks.  I wish there were more shots of bob but as some kind of pure evil, visions of him were fleeting in the series. Dressing like everyone’s Canadian uncle, he somehow works greasy hair and a lot of denim into a remarkably sinister look.

You should dress like Bob from Twin Peaks.

xo. Esther

Dress Like Teevee & Navada from North of 60

North of 60 is one of my favourite Canadian TV shows. Set in the fictional Dene Reserve of Lynx River, somehow this show got better every season. Teevee Tenya (Dakota House) starts out as the local bad ass but ends up as Chief in later seasons. This shot is from he first season when Teevee runs away to Vancouver and meets Navada (Adam Beach), from Haida Gwaii. Both have amazing 90’s bad ass style. I guarantee you that is a ‘Ride the Lighting’ shirt on Teevee.  

You should dress like Teevee and Navada

xo. Esther

Dress Like The 2 Dollar Kid from Better Off Dead

The tough-as-shit paperboy (Sebastian Dungan) from the 1985 teen flick Better of Dead spawned the catch phrase “I want my two dollars” and a bunch of terrible slogan shirts to go with it. This podcast described the 2 dollar kid as “defining a generation of paperboys” - is that true? I don’t think I’ve ever even see a kid toss a paper from a bike. Either way, instead of wearing a Comic Sans-printed shirt from a gag store, make a more subtle homage to this li’l guy and do it in all black.

You should dress like the 2 dollar kid.

xo. Esther